My Pledge

As your attorney, I promise to bring my more than 30 years of experience in as a Trial Attorney in Milwaukee to your side.  My expertise lies in various areas of law, including, but not limited to, Family  Law, Administrative Law and Hearings,  Injunctions for Domestic Abuse, Harassment ,or Child Abuse, Adult and Minor Guardianship and Protective Placement as well as related areas. I have tried over 100 cases before juries of various makeups, but also am experienced and tireless in negotiating to seek maximal agreement and minimal conflict on behalf of clients.

I have decided to focus my services primarily to matters of family law for clients in Milwaukee County.  I deal sensitively with divorce, custody, placement, child support, juvenile matters, injunctions(restraining orders), guardianship and related cases. 

I welcome referrals from family law practitioners who require outside counsel for injunction matters arising out of an underlying family court case, as well as private GAL appointments. I also handle administrative law matters.

In all circumstances, I will represent you to the best of my ability, and handle your unique situation with solid integrity and a true desire to help you navigate our complex laws.

Why Choose me?


I will bring to your side over 30 years of Trial Experience and a unique perspective, as a former District Attorney.


I deal sensitively with all family matters, Divorce, Custody, Placement, Child Support, Juvenile Matters, Injunctions (Restraining Orders), Guardianship.


In every circumstance, I will work tirelessly and to the best of my ability to handle your unique situation.